A Problem, Anxiety/ Phobia/ Panic Attack’s in the way? It can slow your performance and make you ineffective, most likely at the worst time possible.

You like everyone may often feel Jammed in, Stuck, and just unable to do the most simplest of things, When this happens your body may attempt to use a variety of coping mechanisms, stuff like Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attack, Anger, Depression, Smoking, Over Eating, and many others.

All of these are a sign of a problem that needs to be resolved, and with a technique in Hypnotherapy called “Regress to Cause” you can have two choices you go with the Medical Model and treat the symptoms, or try the Hypnotherapy Regress to Cause Model.

To explain, I will tell you my favourite story that I use in seminars and at talks with the Medical and Pharmacology professions.

I keep getting Headaches the patent tells the GP, so the GP with all his medical training knows exactly what drug to prescribe and writes the proscription, which is taken to the chemist and everyone is happy, the doctors and the chemist and the drug company are all making a profit from their training.

And the patient returns every month or so, and soon develops more problems related to drugs she is taken, so is giving different drugs to deal with the symptoms from the first drugs etc etc and the doctors and the chemist and the drug company are all making a profit from their training, etc et

my Advanced Hypnotherapy Model can find the cause;

now bear in mind this story is made deliberately simple to show the benefits of finding the cause.

So using regression we go back to the very first time the patient had felt this type of headache, we discovery it started when she moved in to a new home a cottage with a low front door and on the way out she bangs her head on the door frame.

The patent now has a brand new larger door and no headaches and as a bonus her friends get fewer headaches also, the moral of the story:

The Medical Model often deals with the symptoms. using Barry’s Advanced Hypnotherapy Model we look for the CAUSE.

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Anxiety and stress at all levels are often the symptoms of a mental Block it can be a survival response that triggers a powerful and automatic reaction within the lower, most primitive , part of the brain, which also controls our bodily functions breathing ,digestion and movement .

When we are under threat hormones are released that will either make us challenge the situation “fight” or run away from it “flight”

These fight or flight hormones block the production of feel good hormones (Oxytocin), hence when we are anxious we don’t feel too happy.

The Hypnotherapy model with Barry will look for the cause, simply and naturally by entering the hypnotic state you are most likely to discover the way to remove the cause of the Block/Problem. It is Drug Free and probably the best way to reverse the symptoms processes.

If you clear the Block, You can have a lot more to benefit from.

Call now for a free consultation and assessment and find out if Barry’s Advanced Hypnotherapy will help free a Major Block that’s in your way.

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All testimonials are from genuine clients of Barry Dunn-Sims (SQHP). No testimonials were given in exchange for payment.

I Hope This Letter of recommendation will benefit anyone that has doubts as to the help that can be achieved by Hypnotherapy.

In my case a fear of cats was affecting my life and I had no idea where the fear came from, so my son contacted Barry and he came to see me and unearthed circumstances from way back in my childhood.

The wonderful thing is I can go to visit my son who has a cat and not get myself in a state.

Barry is so very easy to get along with and puts no pressures on.

Ruth Southall


Going to a hypnotist was a last resort for me, I was suffering with anxiety and self worth issues, and felt like I was broken.

My first session with Barry got me to talk about things in my past that I had regressed which were making me feel this way.

I felt extremely comfortable speaking with him and discussed things that I would never have related to my problems at first thought.

I found the sessions very relaxing and left feeling positive and ready to move on with my issues. After each session it only took a couple of days for myself and those around me to notice a huge change in my outlook on life and my confidence.

I have moved past my issues and can now get on with my life without holding myself back. This has changed my life significantly for the better and I can’t thank Barry enough for helping me through this.

If you a cynical about hypnotism I urge you to give it a try, it has made me a happier more confident person with a much more positive view of my future.

Thank you Barry x Leanne Cole 25 Feltham

“You will never know how much I appreciate you helping me get my life back”


Recovered agoraphobic, post-traumatic stress disorder and abuse survivor