Looking good, feeling great, and being around longer for your family and friends are what quitting smoking is all about.
Barry Dunn-Sims (SQHP)

Quitting Smoking Has Benefits
you feel good about yourself, health improves

“If you want to stop smoking, maybe one session with Barry will be all you need”.

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Barry’s Advanced Hypnosis helps you with a firm method of how you will defeat smoking.

Now is a good time to clear your lungs

Cigarettes and tobacco contain harmful chemicals.
If you smoke…
you will be more likely to die from lung cancer
you will be more likely to die from some form of lung disease
you will be more likely to die from cancer of the larynx
you will be more likely to die of heart disease
you will be more likely to die of a stroke

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Why put yourself at risk for cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, high blood pressure, and clogged arteries by continuing to inhale this smoke?

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Make Smoking History

Making smoking history means becoming a non-smoker in the future. For some people the thought of being a non-smoker and being free from the NEED to smoke is exhilarating. For many others it is a terrifying prospect and one which they will do anything to try and avoid. Do you need to stop the rubbish you are selling yourself. Stop it now.

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All testimonials are from genuine clients of Barry Dunn-Sims (SQHP). No testimonials were given in exchange for payment.

Hi Barry

No smoking temptations at all, actually feeling quite repulsed when I see somebody smoking and feeling sorry for them that probably they need to endure those horrible headaches and other unpleasant things. Sessions with you were one of the best life investments, I feel definitely more in control of some aspects of my life and don’t feel as swamped by the problems as before. Just take the challenge on. It’s been quite a change since my initial visits and the treatment. Anna Bartoszewicz, Isleworth.

” Thank you Barry, Just one session with you and i have stopped smoking, I now feel so good about myself. Thank you so much. Carole Hall, Southampton.

” Barry I think Hypnotherapy is a work out for your will power, and I know I will now never smoke again. soon I will have a new car because of the money Saved. Jim Newman. Twickenham.

Dear Barry

Thank you for stopping me from smoking you have covered it all, even with the Staying Stopped CD that I never used, That in-depth session had a immediate affect and as John my friend who recommended you said “you are the best Hypnotherapist he has used”

Thank you again

I will pleased to recommend you

Ricky Sullivan. Sunbury on Thames.

Freedom from smoking for the rest of your life.

Guaranteed when you stop smoking 10/15 cigs at approx £5 a day you’ll have a extra £1,825 ever year. That’s £10,000 approx. every 5 years. Get a new car? a fantastic Holiday? feel so much better with yourself.

You can do this if your have read to this point. So breakthrough to freedom and get my free assessment and find out if you can make it?


More Testimonials

“I had to stop and figure it out… it’s been over a year now without one cigarette and I have just one session with you to thank. .”-

Charles Doud —Ex-Smoker (In one session)

“I am very satisfied with the quit smoking method. It worked wonders for me. I never thought that I would be able to stop smoking for anyone. Barry is great and very understanding to YOUR NEEDS.”
Thanks again, Melissa T. Morris- Ex-smoker

“It’s been since 8-8-2006 and I’m still doing great! Thank you!!!” Frank Roach -Ex-smoker

“I’ve wanted to quit smoking for years, but the physical cravings always held me back; but with you , my cravings were gone, and now so is my awful habit!!!”

Thanks for giving me my life back.”Juliana Gipson: Richmond”

Stop with Barry a successful Quantified Hypnotherapist

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