The only thing likely to prevent you from experiencing regression and possibly remembering your past lives is usually your subconscious mind, which has not been “programmed” to allow you to experience this strange feeling. With the techniques of Hypnotherapy some clients in a relaxed trance feel this strange feeling as if experiencing previous lives and deaths.

This can be the source or a reason of a problem in their present life. So there is a great possibility that past life regression may serve as a catalyst, accelerating your own path of self-awareness and healing.

While the interest is overwhelming that we may have lived before in another time, place, and body, science and medical research can’t prove or disprove the reality of reincarnation. There are already countless books of research and anecdotes of people who have recalled one or more prior lives.

With some of my clients the recall of one or more past lives resulted in greater understanding of present life behaviors and conditions. Improving their lives.

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It’s not always the healing potential of past life regression therapy, that may be needed maybe your interest in this page points to something inside you that want’s to understand? Or you might at this time think it interesting?

Maybe Past life regression will help you remove the blocks and obstacles to your inner peace and joy, enable you to release the acute and chronic stress that we all often carry in our bodies and our minds.
Join the many who have found that far more important than just a memory of who they used to be is , it’s the effect that a feeling of ‘knowing’ has had on there present life.

Is it possible that almost all of the emotional problems and hang-ups you may be experiencing at the moment have actually traveled with you from a previous life?
Even your relationships, health, job and financial status is a result of what happened in a previous life?.

If this is true then it becomes impossible to heal many of the emotional scars and traumas experienced in this life. If you except past lives then possibly each incarnation has emotional scars that are compounded until they are identified for what they are and cleared by the problems around your present life. Incredibly when you feel this happen for the first time you are in a position to understand your behavior and feelings!

This may result in:-

· Improvements in every aspect of your personal life.
· Improvements in your ability to attract more money into your life,
· You maybe no longer subconsciously attracted to poverty and lack.
· Improvements in the way you see yourself, more self confidence, generally happier.
· Improvements in general health or well being.
· Improvements in deep rooted emotional hang-ups and phobias which could even disappear entirely.
· The Realization of your full potential in everything you set out to achieve, as there maybe no longer anything to hold you back.

When you experience regression, you can actually experience everything as if you were still there. Sites, sounds, smells and emotions will often feel real. Then you may have no doubts as to the authenticity of your memories.
But as well as the feeling of ‘being there’ you may finally be able to let go of all of the repressed emotions which might be holding you back in this life and experience the release of old emotional conditioning.

All testimonials are from genuine clients of Barry Dunn-Sims (SQHP). No testimonials were given in exchange for payment.

 ” I was at a tough time in my life, not sure what was wrong with me or what to do. 

You helped me reveal to myself what I needed to know and understand.

I was just fascinated by my past life regressions as I experienced those feelings like I lived those lives, strange but familiar.

I now have the missing link and a better understanding to my thoughts and feelings from these  past lives.

Now my life is so much better. 

Barry thank you for so much extra time you are patient and a great guide through past lives,

I will certainly be recommending you.   Phillip Ferrer, London.