Barry Dunn-Sims(SQHP)(S.NLP)(F.inst.H.T.) Phone, e-mail, Text, Skype or in-personaka D.J.Barry Simms

Working on Radio and in Night Clubs has led to meeting nearly all the  heroes of 60s 70s and 80s  as decade after decade the DJ work kept on increasing and the time for Hypnotherapy became less   

Barry kept grounded by Yoga and Buddhist Meditation all a benefit to his Hypnotherapy practice today. 




Left School and started Mobile Disco (Axe-Ant)

Barry’s Hypnosis expertise started in 1968 with a book given to him by a friend.

Hypnotized Friends

Parties, Cycling,

With family connections to management of Led Zeppelin Back stage passes to all Music Festivals,


International D.J.( Scandinavia and Europe’s Big Night Clubs)Used name BARRY SIMMS

Past Life Regression work


Family parks etc.

Start of Yoga and Meditation


Broadcaster, Journalist. Record Promotion.

DMC Member

Corporate Functions D.J.

Working with top Artists,Bands and the only Stage Hypnotist at the time JOHNNY HILLYARD


Study Clinical Hypnotherapy,

Weightlifting, Yoga Meditation, American Football,my son (Shane) played for Great Britain. Lots of Trips to New York with Radio work involved


P&O Cruises Entertainment’s Officer/ D.J

The pull and successes in helping friends with Hypnotherapy led to Professional Qualifications from

La Roche International College and Institute of Holistic Therapies.

With further research and diplomas in

NLP (Advanced Senior): Neuro-linguistic programming


Clinical Hypnotherapy:

Weight Control:

Smoking Cessation:


Pain Control:

Life Coaching:

Diving, Snorkeling as Barry traveled the world.

Working on  Classical Concerts, Theater and Interviewing Top     Celebrities    

Study of the work of

Milton H. Erickson


Dave Elman


Curative Hypnotherapy in Feltham, West London, Middlesex, UK.

Hypnotist Just 4u Ltd

Awarded The Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice



Further research in


Emotional Freedom Techniques


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Student with

Omni School of Hypnosis

Continuous Professional Development

with the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Fun with my Family.Yoga and Meditation continue,

Long retreats at

Amaravati Retreat Centre


Friend of Top American Hypnotist

Wendi Friesen (CCHT) contributions on her USA Radio show and arranging workshops in the UK.


Fan of

Caroline Myss

student of CMED Institute

Enjoy books by

Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Brian Weiss

Gerald F. Kein Louise Haye, Robert Dilts,

Cheryl Richardson, Galvin D Banyan


CPD continues as Member of


—————-CPD Certificate in

Past Life Regression


A Board Certified Hypnotist with the American

National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification

completed Advanced Hypnosis Training Program

Fun with Family.

NY Giants fan.

Yoga and Meditation continue,

Keepig fit with personal trainer James Hymers (PT)

Windsor Gymnasium

Writing my first Book

Teaching Hypnotherapy